NoizStepper is nothing but the native Urge to move, may it be in a political, in multicultural or in a (meta)physical way.

In our western society there are times we feel paralyzed, unable to move! stucking just like consumption zombies, only able to feed our native instincts. You are not wanted to think even further than to the next gas station. On the other hand there are rules you have to follow in order to make you fit into a certain scheme.

NoizStepper is about breaking these boundaries. Collapsing frequencies and broken rythms help me to step beside my calculated line and free my mind of deadlocked structures. In different scientific investigations they prove a healing effect of certain electronic frequencies. Anyway, it's a kind of meditation: step closer into yourself and find to your true nature, without beeing mass media manipulated!

NoizStepper is about movements combined with Sound. White, black, green and purple noizes fighting it's way to your synapses, which enables your muscles to coordinate your body in order to break the chains of massmanipulation!

NoizStepper is about those structures you definitely hear as well as about those you are able to feel, cause "only in the darkness you can see the light"! Blessed are those noizes you can feel. They may help you to understand, what you are not used to hear!

Beware! It's not any sound that creates radical changes! Neither it is politics or Relegion! Sounds could only help us to free our Minds, creating Visions to our innerself! Blessed are those, who are able to move in a physical and metaphysical way! Train your synapses! Storm and Fire will guide you on your way climbing the highest walls to ram the gleaming spear directly into the eye of shiva!