2003 – Bladerunner: Dn'B, Cyberfunk,Breakcore

2004 – Confuzed by Hate: Hardcore Dn'B

Intro by NoizStepper - You'd better run!

Panacea - Respect

Disorder - The Noize

Current Value - Panic

Bad Company - Mutated for 200X

DJ Scud - MTV Microwave Dinner Generation

Dom & Roland - Break Out (NoizStepper vs. Brahms RmX)

Ice Minus - broad band

Techno Animal - city of glass

Problem Child - aggressive

Speedfreak - funkadelic

Beefcake - GV-001-2003

Aurora - Concord dawn

Rage - Future Prophecies

Venetian Snares - hand throw

Gridlock - Bring out your Dead

Alpha Omega - Megatron

Outro by FLA – Lifeline

2004 - Anarchron (T)error: Dn'B, Breakcore

NoizStepper - Straße der Finsternis

Carlito - Second comming

Moving Fusion - Guy Fawkees

DJ Friction - Oblivion

F.O.I - The Box re-opens

alX - toward the within

Venetian Snares - Find Candace

Amboss - Dematerialisation

Technical Itch + Ice Minus - Altered Beast

Techno Animal vs. Dälek - Classical Homocide Rmx

Krust Feat. Leonie Laws - Cat People (putting out fire)

Deadbeat - Faith in Chaos (Dom & Roland Rmx)

Das Ich - schwarzer Stern

Ed Rush & Optical - Rock Tha house (Trooper Mix)

Heinrich at Heart - John Surman

Steel - Crackstep on bomb trucks

Scorn - worried

Somatic Responses - Night driving

Fdread - Terror Pop

Dom & Roland - Rhino (combined by Hive)

2004 – Rythm of Death: Dn'B, Breakcore

2005 – Hellbound: Hard-. Grind-, Breakcore

1.Christopher Young - Hellbound

2.Architect - stupid anus

3.Somatic Responses - Insecure

4.A.L.F. - Brainsaw

5.m boy - the last atari

6.Venetian Snares - Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die

7.Kid 606 - Wicked Bonus Beat one

8.Napalm Death - Malicious Intent

9.D.K.F. - Lärmpegel Acht

10.Roger Rotor - Guantanamo Babe

11.G.G.F.H. - Hands

12.Dom & Roland - Manace (Dom & Roland Mix)

13.Technical Itch / Dylan - Golden Sword

14.Nuclear Assault - Hang the pope

15.Meathook Seed - ding to an image

16.Zombie Flesh Eater - Aschera Illusion (ZFE Remix)

17.Exos - Reds

18.Klima - outcry

19.DJ Toolz vol. 1 - Ad Lib "Dave"

20. Enduser - Darkness

21. needle Sharing - gay basher (m² remix feat. Problem)

22. Drop the lime - Melting

23. Eight Frozen Modules - Left me

2005 – running Man: Electronica, Techno, Breakcore, Industrial

Mick's Broadcast / Attack the Running Man

Thee Vaporizer - redov rmx

Thee Vaporizer / Matkoe Shamou - Krunchund

Istari Lasterfahrer - Sound gets dropped

Hypnoskull - FFWD Burnout ( Slowdown Rmx by converterb)

Dev/Null - Lcdnb

Needle Sharing - rasta bash

Nicky Nuts - Ghostrider

Amboss - Speedhall (the rewind) dubplate

xanopticon - elfuckin' Vibes

Noisex - one Vision

TZ11 - Toys on Fire

Cradle of Filth - the forest whispers my name

Noize Creator - Dying World

Alpha/Omega - MG's Chamber

Billy Dalessandro - ???

Skrew - Prey flesh

FKL - Digital Voice

Ministry - NWO

Olgazzz feat. MC Drabmol - HTC

Skinny Puppy - Pro Test

Drop the lime - Glockman

Evil Old Man - Filtered Drum Loop

KMFDM - Auf Wiederseh'n

2005 – suicide Bomber: Hard-, Breakcore

1. Frontline Assembly - Vigilante

2. Brian Fury - Frozen Dyper

3. Doormouse - The unbreakable Breaks

4. Beagle - Dr Betruger

5. Enduser - My shit eats tapes

6. Drop the Lime - Bully head

7. Current Value - Into the Light

8. Paul Blackout - revolution

9. LFO DEMON -Hateacidpukepunk

10. Bong Ra - Jo Bench

11. Rupture - Ruptch"a_ttack Descariada Remix by Rotator

12. Rotator - Fight Back!!!

13. Noize Creator - ballet of the chicks [extended]

14. The Speed Freak - devastator

15. End - Punjabi Martini Beat

16. Drop the lime - white truffels

17. KOS - Total incoerenza

18. Hellfish & Brian Fury – Fucknine Dog porn Remix

19. Ove Nax - B-Gay in Tsutenkaku feat. wolf pack

20. Enduser - Too many fucking stairs

21. Exploited - Bastard

22. Autechre - LCC

AFX - Analord 7

2006 – mindreceiver: Breakcore, Breakbeatz

  1. TV Overdose – Snuff/peripheral Visions

  2. Converter – Witch Hunter

  3. DJ controlled weirdness – South London Bass

  4. Eight Frozen Modules – cry Garden

  5. Multiplex – sone Mackell

  6. Rony & Suzy – Paki whysky Mix Skuye Rmx

  7. Wisp – Negions fail

  8. Tamvred – Doden

  9. Noize Creator – Ocean of Darkness

  10. Kowareta Hyushi – Tomodachi

  11. Enduser – Gunshot Dub

  12. Bong Ra – Breaker 555

  13. Dj Toolz – Old Skool Hardcore into Dn'B

  14. Luna C – Victory

  15. Biochip C – Nightbread Adventures I

  16. DJ Toolz II – Old Skool to New Skool

  17. Architect – Vectorize

  18. Istari Lasterfarer – Warrent

  19. Anticracy – drooling Beauty

  20. Doormouse – Keishaka Core

  21. Rotator – Make it ruff

  22. DJ Scud – Strong Back

  23. Bad Religion - Defense

2006 – Oberlippe Unterkante: Breakcore, Dubstep, Glitch hop

1.Intro - 4 Years in a psychiatric hospital

2.Belladonna Killz - abort!abort!abort!

3.Cardopusher - In the power of XTC

4.LFO Demon - Telekommanda

5.Noisex - Machinework

6.Jason Forrest - congressman Thriller

7.Warst - Muthafuckin' noise show

8.Enduser - calculated Steps (Nephilim Mix)

9.Disorder - Titan

10.Vex'd - Gunman

11.Alpha/Omega - VCF

12.Paul Blackout - Landwhale

13.Napalm Death - When all is said is said

14.DJ Throttler - Lucifer Reel

15.Mr Kill - Lewd Violence

16.Doormouse - Basket Werk

17.Xanopticon - Psicite

18.Dälek - Maintain

19.XNDL - 6 Mio Ways

20. Funkstörung - Sounds like a breakrecord

21. Mentallica - Mental masturbation

22. Parasite - Haters want war

23. Sickboy - Hellbanknote

24. VOivod - Tribal convictions

25. Larvae - Whats left of starting over

26. Edgey - Suffer Rythm

27. Stormtrooper Vs. MCK - Das ist kein Ruheraum

28. Sickboy - D.Rocker

29. Bong Ra - Ram Waster

30. Hypnoskull - Kingston hard as steel

2007 – Spacewars: Ambient, IDM, Electronica, Darkfunk, Techno, GOA, Acid

Dom & Roland - Paradenasite

Architect - ICL Feelings Rmx

m² - In ages forgotten

Gridlock - Distance

Somatic Responses - Helinium

Bel Air Project - Phuture Talk (Dry Version)

Alpha Omega - New Day

Bong Ra - Hiding Mask

CDatakill - You are mine

Enduser - Vishnu's eastern Block

Sphongle - When shall I be free

Jetone - thousand oaks

WIS - Kampf der Dackel

Thee Vaporizer - Brekkit

Afx - Backdoor.Berbew.Q

Kattoo - a la flaque

WISP - Hall of Kings

Autechre - LCC

Vex'D - Lion

LXC/Z47 - advantageous restriction rmx

Doormouse - Werk Loop

8FM - The One

Ad Lip - Completely different

The Bug - Executor

Xenomorph - Abominations

Wisp - The Bard

2008 - Blackest Sabbath Mix: Dirtiest Seventieth Electronica Bullshit Style

2008 - AIWASS


this mourn omina – inferno I

venetian snares – colorless

Funkarama – Dubstoned II 2nd Bace

Tricky – Past Mistake

Scorn – super Mantis

Mental Nomad – Fallen Angels

snd – 7

Sensational meets Koushei – Dekadence

Kareem – Shadowhuntaz

zulutronic – kick u up

cakebuilder – walking in shadows


Slayer – dead skin Mask 66-alX rmx

Dr Bastardo – Cocaine Babylon

LFO Demon – One Love

The Soundbites - fiyah

Belladonna Killz – kill Belladonna

Radium – dead runner

AleX Tune – Listen to your hardcore

Speed Freak – usefull lesson

teknoist – full metal teknoist


100blumen – more flowers walk proud

biochip C & Alice D – Reality Re Programming

Brainsucked – circunfl.exe

WIS – kein schöner Land

biochip C & Alice D – the new synthetics

somatic responses – outside the box


2009 – Kinder des Zorns - Acid-Dub-Hop-Core

Stephen King – Jonathan Elias – Children of the Corn – Main Title

Kareem – Rectum

portishead – machine gun

Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Shadows

FSOL – Ice Formed

Komonazmuk – Shadows

Funckarma – Fraid Shim

GFB - lacria mosa est snowblind mix by discontinued process

Repeater – Ultra violet

broken Note – the fury

venetian snares – Karaookee hates me

brainsucked – untrustworthy

BiochipC & AliceD – Alien Playstation

PAL – Agentenfister

Mothboy – Movement feat. Kess

marching dynamics – bizango datura

Somatic Responses – don't stomp til you get eneugh!

Teknoist – war dog

Zeller - MacBooking

krumble – hoarse fire

Angina P – remember this

math head – last

Starkey – No Struggle

the mount fuji Doomjazz Corporation – perverted pleassure Party

twerk – neurotica

Jonathan Elias – Children of the Corn – Resolution

2010 – Veni Vidi Verto - String, Dub & Noiz

action over inaction!“

talbot & Deru – the great tree of life 1

kilimanjaro Darkjazz ensemble – embers

hpc – dissociate

komonazmuk – love (rmx)

broken note – meltdown

defrag – the old growth

dj Hidden – the narrators

broken fabiola – departure

zonk't – war

exocet – conflict of memories

speedfreak vs. Stoormtrooper – psychosexual hallucination

Radium – most misanthropic

100 Blumen – the unrest

autopsy – a dark future

FSOL – dirty shadows $$

Imminent – teskede

hecq – i will survive

dj hidden – drawn in

paradise lost – faith divides us death unites us (orchestral version)

mobthrow - breakstar

2010 - X-OVER-Core: all in the mess



cape fear ghosts

Brendan Perry The Bogus Man

enduser black light (feat. Sol thomas)

black lung the soul consumer (marillion mix)

candie hank disko der aussätzigen

Nasty Nasty time to burn

Lewsor Falling star

Slayer Americon

zombieFleshEater Place your needle here...

Twenty knifes Martha

Hellfish & speed freak ganja sex weemix

architect for you

cardopusher green disorder (flavored mix)

current value haze (cybersex garbage mix)

Matta solar driftwood

Shpongle i am you

UFO! Divination

the Gasman skud (drowning in Blood mix)

Sickboy Don't stop now

pow[d]er pussy keepthatbasspumpinghard

Poxxe yellular

FSOL surface water

Ёлочные Игрушки Blizzard (after all mix)

2011 - Decks with Apps

mixed with decks and iphone Apps

NoizStepper Intro: Kettenrasseln

BlackHouse/Hypnoskull - Mud on the ground

Cardigans - Erase & Rewind

ed rush/Optical - glas eye

makai - beneath the mask

danzig - blackacidevil

LFO - Freak

biochipC - No More Terms

converter - torment

radium - total reality

cativo - man from space

coroner - Grin rmx

Hecq & Exillon - spheres of fury (Stochastic Process Rmx)

depressive age - lying in wait

Arx Kaeli - К-Б-Ж-Д

Gary Jules - Mad World

Burial - Archangel

erode - brutal romance

starfish Pool - Mexican Escape

headcase - Zero-zero-four

King cannibal - Murder Us (Remix By Dead Fader)

bad company - torpedo

anthrax - i am the man

stivs - strangers

Wormskull - Downer!

Clawfinger - Nigger

Donna Summer - RockRockRock

The Bug - Angry

Gerard McMann - cry little Sister

Bicho-papão 2013

christopher young Portrait of Mr. Boogie

Rayman Demon J

Hidden & Broken note existence

imachine voweler

techdiff positronic meltdown

makai red weed rmx

exillon joqavz

imachine techno groove 1

heckmann Schüttel dein Haar (4)

christopher young the horrors in the cannisters

orphx critical mass

speedy j Krekc (8)

Needle Sharing Give me the money, i'll be right back

Monster x Demons (Die Die Fluo Kidz)

imachine slicen dice kit

Lapsed & nonnon god is a glitch

Björk yoga

nebulo quenz

alice in chains men in the box

mika goedrijk L'enfer blanc

niveau zero as they burn – Distorted rulez rmx

imachine musko kit

prodigy omen

Q-Tex like an angel

noisia diplodocus (kill the noise rmx)

christopher young sinister (outro)

2013 - Dub Cleansing – Abstract Hip Hop

normablock - al anbar days

shadow huntaz/Kareem - Think

mr dead - dynamic tension

mad ep - when i am sick

mothboy - too close

mental nohmad - VISCERAL featuring Tomasia

davincigreen - the wack song

Spectre and sensational - the stomp

Raquel de grimstone - Art thou black

spectre - Stimmen im Kopf (feat_plagiat)

Underhill - Trippin

Tricky - hakim

Kareem - curfew (feat. Paul st. hilaire)

REZULT - Emanating Oath ( Produced by NAKRAL )

mothboy - movement feat. Kess

Classless Kula Istari Lasterfahrer - Germany might tricked me once

DJ Shadow - Fully charged on planet X

Bulldoze - jeanne darc feat. gebo

Daelek - Ascension

XNDL - back in the days feat. YTCracker

KMFDM - Murder

spectre - let it grow feat. Hyperaktiv

Krust - coded language

spectre - the true & living (feat Killah Priest)

Scotty Hard - who said (what)? Feat King Cobra,watah monk, horus

XNDL - Parasite

Calm - threat me like a villain

Spectre – Panic

2014 – Staying Alive (still ;) )

chrysalide who's still alive

alec empire the theme

Underworld moaner

DeadKennedys your emotions

Machine Code in the shell

current value weirdo

delete Remember us

ProLoop App remember us

evs wandering into the future

mimetic so little chance

twerk neurotica

4Hero eight

BSE All is lost

HECQ Enceladus (w Knight Riderz)

DJ Hidden Distant Drums

Underhill/Gore Tech River of Hades (lake of fire blueprint rmx)

Hanin Elias New Order

KMFDM Animal Out

Ruby my Dear Annwvyn (one got away rmx)

Atiq&Enk the moment of truth(feat. Mike Redman)

The Blood of Heroes the last forest


Bong Ra Sissy Spacek

Cemetary scarecrow

2014 – NoizTrippin

JP Buckle- Royal Court : lets get sectioned

ambassador21 - power rage riot death

ministry - stigmata

broken note - Guillotine

venetian snares - EGO D.S.P.

IGORRR - Grosse Barbe

Defrag - Grin

Mobthrow - mystical forest (psychonaut mix)

Dielektrikum 227 - transit to cci

Goldie - Temper Temper

Passenger - optimist

KoxBox - 6 cells

this morn' omina - nigunnum

iscoloscope - raudivian device (mangadrive rmx)

contaminant - contaminauten

panacea - the evil seed

slick idiot - die schabe (lästiger idm mix)

mark verbos - counter point (blink182mix)

noizstepper - Intermezzo – calling your name

rotator - untouchables

nebulist Delerium – silence tech-step-mix

2015 – 21st Century Schizoid Man: Teknoid Breakstep IDM

Polytheist____ 2015
Venetian snares Ever Apparent all being shoulder
Carribean current toucan
Terminal11 Covered in Demo n Blood
Dom & Roland Footnotes
Vex'd Bar Kimura
Somatic Responses Somatic circuits
Technical Itch No Longer Human (feat. Robyn Chaos)
Gridlok A Sludgy Black Liquid Washes Ashore
L own Sigher
Ruby my Dear & Igorrr Biguette
Lingouf un ambre
Phil von Loss of Balance
The_Empath arab spring/realign power geometries
Audio mudshark
Disorder loose controll
Illegal Trade Space Hunter
Prodigy Breath
Sandbenders Defekt
Apollo 440 don't fear the reaper
David Bowie Hello Spaceboy
Venetian snares Epstein Horshack lids
Cooh Valhom
Nour Fawzi cold Fusion 1

Bessere Musik – 2016

Wasteland After All

Garbage milk

Kareem Wildpitch, I Think I Loved You

scrap.edx where are you hiding?

morgoth under the surface

2Methyl mainframe

Digital B-Boyism

Cardopusher Parralax

Republik of screens screen dissection

Space Cube bessere Musik

Heavy Rotation Dust Devil

jason forrest new religion

Acidlab Ugly (4)

ABS6 Minimoi

Killing Joke Millenium

Moctan Justify Yourself

Ebo Man Psycho crazed Donuts with Buddah

Kerosene love jam

DLR & Script Blue Room (feat. Martyna Baker)

Hidden Once upon a time in puorto

radium one core night

DJ Producer Biggest Rave on Earth

Rev Co Viagra Culture

orphx stillpoint

imaschine Standard 4-4

Fear Factory Ressurection

Speedy J ferber mudd

LFO Tied up (acid mix)

limewax gay robot orgy

monolog aisbear

David Bowie Blackstar