Credits and cheers out to:

My Homegirls Nadine and Amelie – Jürgen – Ede – my Family – all Liveforms I have met yet -

Labels (and inspiring Brands):

Ant-Zen/Hymen/Mirex/Flatline etc, Force Inc (R.I.P.)/Mille Plateaux (R.I.P.)/Position Chrome, Freibank, NoUTurn (R.I.P), VIRUS, DHR, Hands Productions, Planet mu, Peace Off, Restroom Rec., very friendly, Puzzling Rec.,, Bembelterror, Shockwave, Psychic Genocide, Ad noiseam, Wax Trax!, Mayan Rec., Metalheadz, Earache, Peaceville, Black Mark, Rough Trade, Cock Rock Disco, Sublight Rec., Def American, Massacre Rec., Noise (R.I.P), Ambush (R.I.P.), Klangkrieg Prod., Ipecac Rec., Metropolis, SPV, EFA (R.I.P.), etc.

Korg, Reloop, Epiphone, Pioneer, Stanton etc.

Rosignol, Nidecker, Freeline etc.

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Artists and Poets:

Clive Barker, E. A. Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, H. R. Giger, S. Dali, David Lynch, A. Crowley, Chris Cunningham, Neil Gaiman, Dave Mc Kean


I will do a fuck to write down all of you here! All fucking Noiz, Rythm and Alternative Dickheadz makin' my day and doing their very best to keep the dead rotating in their graves!

Thanx for all the Fun I have mixing and screwing your sounds!

All u beautifull stars out there:

Pray for salvation or shine, U are about to choose!

There is something behind the veil of "Duality"!
You can proove it for yourself: Just close your eyes and breath in deeply through your nose into your stomach.
Remain for a while and breath out again!
Repeat that and after a while you realize that all we are is nothing but one Organism!